My First Customer Visit

One of the cool activities of a product manager is doing customer visits. And first time is always a memorable one so I am sharing it here in my new blog.

My first customer visit was with an e-commerce company in San Jose, California. I went with a fellow Product Manager and the Premium Support Manager and we were all in business suits of course. The support manager and my fellow PM handled most of the talking while I listened attentively and took down notes.

The group that we have visited was a pilot group for their company, and whatever solutions they deploy gets deployed to the whole company’s branch offices worldwide.

We tackled two questions that will be part of my future customer visits’ “must ask” questions. “What do you like about our product/ our company?” was the first one and the customer answered that our products have small footprint and is not a resource hog for their systems. The next question was “What do you think we can improve moving forward?” and the customer answered about an endpoint product feature request (related to scanning) that my colleague needs to follow-up with the respective Product Manager back in the office. It’s a good thing that the customer does not have any recent malware issue (outbreak and infection) related.

My diligent taking down of note paid off as I have delivered a good customer visit report that will be started as a template for the team.

We visited another customer in the Bay Area that day but that experience will be worth another post in the future.

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