Reviving the Blog

Welcome to 2.0!!! Yes! I am reviving this blog. I got tons of ideas for this blog from my numerous customer visits, regular customer and stakeholders interaction and other product management tasks for 2011 as well as from attending RSA Conference 2012 this quarter. I will do my best to post more and will […]


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a blog by any other name would not grow into a l33t.” I’m really not into Shakespeare and poetry so forgive the lame attempt above. But hey I find the rhyme cool, and I have great aspirations for this blog (hence the l33t reference) […]

Hello World! Welcome to!

It is true that every wordpress blog installation comes with the Hello World post. Welcome to, my product management blog! I plan to write about product management here with some touch of tech, security and antivirus stuff of course. Wish me and my new blog good luck!