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On Infosec and Tech

“It is a fool who repeats the same actions expecting a different outcome” Grom Hellscream, Lord of the Clans No, this will not be another blog reboot or a blog revive try. We all know what happened in 2012 and 2013 🙂 and as the mighty Grom Hellscream of the Warcraft lore once advised (see reference

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Pinterest Email Spam

I got this interesting email spam last week… Subject: Your password on Pinterest Successfully changed! Image 1. Suspect email sample I feel something is fishy (and phishy too) with the suspect email above. I don’t use this email address for social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or Pinterest) so it is very unlikely to

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Blog Reboot for 2013

The Version Two Dot Oh attempt for last year was a flop! So let me do a reboot for 2013, remove the 2.0 reference and just write something here. Yup, this blog will still be related to product management. I plan to populate this blog with my PM ideas and insights and set limitations (on

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